Visual Identity for Spook Club

Spook is an electronic club located in Pinedo, València. But Spook is not just a club, it's one of main icons of ‘La Ruta del Bakalao’.

‘La Ruta’ was a cultural movement born in the 90s where a whole ecosystem of nightclubs emerged in Valencia. It marked a turning point for Spanish youth, who were living a significant social and political change post-dictatorship.

From a design perspective, graphic creation during these years was very wide. The different clubs along ‘La Ruta’ designed a bunch of tickets, flyers and posters that nowadays are part of the visual culture.

The Spook Factory designed and created a memorable brand at that time. Wanting to respect the legacy of the brand, we have redesigned the identity from a contemporary perspective. The iconic bat logo and the legendary spook lettering have been reinterpreted to create an iconic and powerful identity

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